Sunday, July 27, 2014

Common interview questions asked in various interviews for QA

Common interview questions asked in various interviews for QA

Many companies prefer that interviewer should have automation testing knowledge along with Manual testing. Below are question asked in various interviews. These will really helpful to you. 

1. Define your current project and your role. 
2. In how many domains you have worked?
3. How your day start in your work.
4. What is scenario and priority. Tell me less sever and more priority issue, or Less prior and more sever issue?
5. What are the advantages of Automation testing over manual testing?
6. What is the difference between verification and validation?
7. Difference between regression testing and retesting?
8. What is the difference between API testing and Unit testing?
9. Knowledge about automation tool, Selenium or QTP.
10. What is the difference between Mobile application testing and Desktop application testing. 
11. What is scrum/Agile methodologies or testing process/Sprint.
12. What are the fields in results columns in TCs sheet. ex: Pass/Fail/Block etc...
13. What is waterfall model, STLC, V-V model.
14. What is SQL. SQL queries, databases like MySql, SQL Server, Oracle etc...
15. About the Bug life cycle, and stages in Bug life cycle.
16. What is CMM. How many levels are there in CMM.
17. What is scenario based testing? What are Test scenerios.
18. What is the difference between retesting and rerun?
19. What are the various test results? ex: Pass, Fail, Blocker etc...
20. What is ETL, Dataware house.
21. Have you ever worked in any automation testing tool. If answer is "Selenium", which framework you used? Which tool you used? Have you used TestNG? What are the shortcut keys for debugging?
22. How do you check redirected URL of each webpages?
23. What is database testing?(Just a definition).
24. What is the entry and exit criteria mean of a project?

Real time scenario
1. If user logged an issue, and developer has fixed that. After fixing of that issue, retesting of issue has to be done by the tester, but issue can not be retest on 3rd step. then that TC would be blockage or fail?

2. Write some scenarios to test Whats app or any chat messenger.